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The following description of the Lukum orishas, takes into account the characteristics, roles and attributes of each orishas from both a Yoruba and a Lukum perspective. It is meant to be a very basic description of the orishas, nothing more. Because I am not fluent in Yoruba, the names of the orishas are written employing the anglified or. There is no other work like it. To order contact Ile Orunmila Communications, 474 West Highland Ave., P.O. Box 2265, San Bernardino, CA 92405 or call or FAX (909) . The explanation of the structure & characteristics of the religion is complete enough to offer some new insights to a PriestPriestess; straightforward enough to stimulate the. Answer (1 of 9) Welcome to the world of the most complicated form of worship in west Africa(as far as I can notice), so brace up and let&x27;s journey. There are over 300 ethnic groups on Nigeria ; that is much if anyone ask, also most of the ethnic groups share the same religion and if we are to n. IfaOrunmila is worshipped by Ifa priests and adherents of Ifa religious tradition. Moreover, John Mbiti's specimen for a religion qualifies Ifa oracle as a religion. Five distinct but related parts constitute a religion.They are beliefs and practice, ceremony and festivals, religious objects and places, values and morals; and officials or leaders. The Characteristics of the King in His Fullness. He is centered. Throughout history, cultures have often placed the king at the center of the universe. From him radiated all of existence. If you look at how ancient civilizations laid out their cities, we often see that the dwelling place of the king or leader sat at the center.
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Orunmila is the master linguist who knows all languages both spoken and unspoken. Orunmila knows the future and the past; he is able to see the destinies of all things created, because it is by the power of the word that all things were created, this makes him the oracle serving as a communication link between God and Man. Orunmila helps us. Orunmila is the deity of Ifa. Orunmila is the agent of order, having given man the divination system known as Ifa; by which the future can be foreseen and any impending trouble or evil averted.

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